OUR BUSINESS:  Cleantech advisory

Our focus

Beyond Energy is an advisory & consulting firm active in renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage and beyond. Cleantech innovation is our credo.

Our work, focus and expertise allow us to be always up-to-date with the key businesses, policies, market and technological trends in the sector.

Our Services

Beyond Energy offers an integrated suite of growth-oriented consulting services for companies and investors interested in developing theirs business in the cleantech sector.

We work closely with our clients to evaluate the potential and the innovative business aspects of renewable energies, smart energy management and storage as part of an integrated strategy.


Strong knowledge of the market and of the business issues of the cleantech sector.



Energy Storage

Cleantech Innovation


Please find here some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Feel free to contact us at info@beyondenergy.fr for any doubt you may have.

How can we add value to Early Stage Cleantech Companies?

Beyond Energy exploits its management experience in Venture Capital and as Entrepreneurs in building and making grow innovative companies in the cleantech sector. We support early stage companies in their fund raising, strategy, international development and beyond.

How do you work with large Corporate and Utilities?

In a world with thousands of new companies bringing innovation and disrupt existing business models, we help corporate and utilities to identify the startups and early stage companies that have a strategic fit or may affect heavily their existing modus operandi. We support them as well on evaluating their potential and the mechanisms of collaboration.

How can you support the development or the management of a project pipeline?

Beyond Energy provides project development scouting and plant management through an international network. We rely on the experience accumulated in development of hundreds of MWs of renewable energy projects. We support our clients in establishing their targets and in monitoring them.